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Posted on: March 31, 2008 5:25 pm

Offseason and mock draft(should be my last...)

Many things have changed guys and gals.  Players have gotten injured, others have moved, while some are still available.  Yes, the Bears can still make their move for depth purposes, and there still are some good looking free agents left.  So quit your crying that Jake Scott, Ryan Lilja, and Alan Faneca are unavailable(some of us still are.....no names.) 

Free agency wise, there are still some young OL for backup purposes, and hell, even starters because they are so bad.  Cory Lekkerkerker is 26 and still is available.  He has great size (6'7) and is quick.  The Dolphins have not resigned him yet, and dont seem to be looking like they will.  Blaine Saipaia was released by the Lions, and could come very cheap for depth usage.  He may not seem like the best household name around, but sure could help out more than what we see now.  He is 29, and may be looked at because we all have seen that Jerry Angelo likes veterans.  David Stewart is a RFA with the Titans, but no signs of progress seem imminent with his deal.  He is also a big body(6'7) and can be very useful if we can pry him from Tennessee.  He is 25.  Another potential RFA that is young at OT is Willy Svitek.  It is not known what the Chiefs are planning to do with him.  Any one of these or others will be better help than what we have seen, even if they are depth.

The Bears, regardless of who is acquired prior to the draft have needs (in no particular order) OT, OG, RB, QB, SS, WR.  It has come to my attention that.  There have been many Pre-draft rumors, and i have and have not taken them into account(some were just useless.)  So here it goes.......

1-Rashard Mendenhall, RB (Illinois)--I did think that we definitely needed a OT here.   Jiggadhu and myself have overstated, after Ryan Clady and Jake Long the next 6-7 are the same level.  Mendenhall is too good to pass up, and everyone is passing up that the Bears are interested because he hasn't "worked out" with them.  Thats BS, hes about 2 hours south of Chicago, so Ron Turner, Smith, and scouts dont have to do anything more than hop in a car and drive.  Everyone overlooks that, even Judge, Prisco, and everyone else.  To add to that, Mendenhall was part of the last class that Turner had recruited before Zook took over, so one can imagine he's on the radar.  He is the best pick available.

2-Anthony Collins, OT (Kansas)--Great fit for the abysmal line.  Now if Baker or Cherilus is available at 44, expect them to be picked.  But in the meantime, Nicks and Collins will be considered here, and I like Collins, preferably because he is younger, and helped anchor Kansas' great OL last year helping them to the BCS. 

3a-Mike McGlynn, OG (Pitt)--Next best OG after Chilo Rachal and Roy Sheuning.  The Bears are in love with Chilo after working out with him, and if moving to the 7th pick in the 3rd round can get him, expect him.  McGlynn is the next best choice.

3b-Tom Zbikowski, SS (Notre Dame)--Bears need Safety help, and Tommy has worked out with the Bears twice.  Hometown kid and a good 3rd round pick.  Expect him to be what Archuleta should have been.

4-Davonne Bess, WR (Hawaii)--I know Adrian Arrington could be available, and this pick is a little biased because i dont trust Michigan WRs.  But Bess has fantastic speed like Berrian, and better hands.  His blocking may be a little sub-par, but he can definitely work on that.

5-Corey Clark, OT (Texas A&M)--More help at OL.  Could take John Tait's place in a few years when his stint with the Bears is over.  Others are good picks, such as Mike Gibson, but Clark is young and a good run/pass protector, what the Bears need.

6-Nick Hill, QB (SIU)--The Bears tend to pick players prematurely, and at times it does work.  Hill has been a favorite for a while, and I think it will be between him and Colt Brennan.  Hill is the prototype size for a QB, with nothing terribly special, but doesnt have many flaws.  He could be a nice sleeper.

7-Marcus Coleman, C (Wisconsin)--Olin Kreutz is 32, i dont know how old Patrick Manelly is, but he is older, time to groom the new kid.  Big 10 can make some quality linemen, so i like either Coleman or John Masters out of Michigan State.

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