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Final Mock Draft, read and comment or else

Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, spring in is the air.  It is getting nicer out and of course, its raining like a biotch......anyways, its my final mock draft.  Everyones got their opinions, heres mine. 

1-Rashard Mendenhall, RB (Illinois)--Yes everyone, i have seen the Johnathan Stewart workout video on ESPN, and yes he is one ripped SOB.  But lets not stray from the fact that there is no way he would fit the Bears offense.  Injury aside, hes from a west coast, speed option offense, and thats how he will excel.  He would be a fit for Michael Vick, not Rex or Kyle Orton.  Mendenhall is a better fit, hes got lean speed and power that the Bears salivate over.  All OTs are pretty much the same, they will be good, but sometimes you just gotta take the risks.  Look what happened with Walter Payton and Gale Sayers.  Both had abysmal lines at the beginning of their careers.  Im not saying Mendenhall is the next Payton by any means, but is worth taking a gamble.

2-Anthony Collins, OT (Kansas)--Yes the OL needs fixing if we havent noticed with about hundreds of posts saying so.  Collins is young, and can compliment Tait in a year at least.  Maybe even less.  He anchored the line that took Kansas to a BCS game.  If Cherilus or Baker is available at 44, take him, if not, Collins is the man.

3a-Roy Scheuning, OG (Oregon State)--Im huge on Chilo Rachal, as are the Bears.  But hes a projected a early 2nd round pick.  If getting the 7th pick of the 3rd round gets him, then by all means.  But as a realist, hes not going to be there.  Scheuning is the next best option.

3b-Tommy Zbikowski, SS (Notre Dame)--After Phillips and Marcus Griffin, Tommy is the next best.  Hes faster, quicker, and smarter looking than Adam Archuleta was coming out of college.  Griffin wont fall this far, and Jamar Adams is someone the Bears have never even heard of.  Tommy has worked out with the Bears privately 2 times, i think theres interest.

4-Colt Brennan,  QB (Hawaii)--I thank Jiggadhu for showing the foxsports.com article about Colt's interview, and apparently both the Bears and Brennan are interested in eachother.  We all know the Bears can pick prematurely, but i think they take him now.  Hes bulked up from 180 to 218, so hes clearly showing hes taking the NFL seriously.  Josh Johnson is a fraud, and will be no better than a Tavaris Jackson.  Just remember, Curtis Enis had a good combine to.......I dont think Josh will amount to anything more than a watered down Michael Vick, and thats giving him more credit than hes due.  He picked on abysmal secondaries.......If Johnson was in the Pac 10 or other big conference, he would be a bust.

5-Mike Gibson, OT (California)--Depth is always a plus.  Gibson is a big body that was huge at Cal.  He is the reason the QB had time to throw to Desean Jackson.  Could be Tait's replacement in a couple years.

6-J Leman, LB (Illinois)--He is a beast.  His stock dropped so after the injury.  He could be a fantastic fill-in down the road. 

7a-Jason Rivers, WR (Hawaii)--Colt will need a friend to talk to, and another target to throw to when he gets his shot.  I love Davonne Bess and Ryan Grice-Mullen but i dont think they will fall this far.  Rivers is 6'2 and runs a 4.49 40 time, and will definitely help more than Brandon Rideau or Mike Hass ever will. 

7b-Jehu Caulcrick, RB/FB (Michigan State)--Has amazing power/speed combo.  Could push Jason McKie for a starting spot in a year or two......Could be a great late round steal.

7c-Marcus Coleman, C (Wisconsin)--Olin Kreutz is old, Patrick Manelly is older.  Time to groom a successor in a couple years or so.  The Big 10 is very well known for O linemen, and Coleman could be a steal.

7d-Pierre Garcon, WR (Mount Union)--Another WR project.  He a D3 stud who has unbelievable speed and hands.  Is a taller version of Wes Welker.  Could be a great slot man for some years.  Again, Rideau and Hass wont see light of day, much like David Ball didnt. 

Bring on the comments......keep it clean
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